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naskah drama bhs inggris oleh 4 orang anak

One day at school when recess ella panic at the loss of mobile telephon,
Ella: “oh where mobile telephon me?”
Then ella asked ozi sitting next to him while playing mobile telephon
Ella: “oz, you know where I don’t mobile telephon

Ozi: “do not know el, you had to put it where?”
Ella: “I’ve been put here, do not know the future? Do not lie! “(Accusingly)
Ozi: “el real, I do not know?”
Ella: (ella no confusion as you go back and forth) ……………………..????
Come edwin of cooperatives by bringing drinks
Edwin: “Are you sick?”
Ella: “Are you crazy?
Edwin: “What is the why are you so”
Ozi: “The win ella own mobile telephon lost, you’re definitely right that take?”
Edwin: “hay ….. I do not need a mobile telephon ell, I bought 10 mobile telephon if I want, do not need to be stealing so, it is my poor
Ozi: you do not get cocky, I also do not need its own mobile telephon ela, see ya my mobile telephon better than mobile telephon ela
Ela:’ve do not fight, my mobile telephon not too precious to our friendship
Edwin: What friendship, I was thinking, I do not need your friendship (while screaming)
edwin triakan silence classroom atmosphere
Lisna who listened to the quarrel was feeling down and approached the three children
Ozi who saw lisna come directly say
Ozi: This ya boy might steal your mobile telephon new arrivals
Edwin: yes, he’s the same near you
Lisna: edwin what do you mean?
Edwin: Where are you right where each ell, would you want her mobile telephon ell right?
Lisna: uh …. we all also among my most wealthy, why I stole hers ugly mobile telephon you ela
Ela: why are you talking like that, weve you think I am?
Ela was crying as she headed into the corner of the class
Lisna who saw ela cry any tears in his eyes slowly
Edwin: This all because because you lis
Lisna tearfully replied
Lisna: why all blame me anyway, you do not know, I’m sick … be accused of the same guys, I’m ready to buy a new mobile telephon created ell me if it is proven that took
Ozi: most mobile telephon also cross, clay ya my mobile telephon, weve you could buy mine rich mobile telephon
Lisna: if it could make you happy
Edwin: already, take lisna wrote to the principal’s office, let me straight out of school
Lisna edwin else who heard began to cry loudly, he then sat down in the chair occasionally looking towards the crying ela
This incident lasted several minutes until finally …………………………… ozi mobile telephon call ella
Ozi: (tuttt. … tuttt …. tuttt personal dial tone sound ….. ella)
Beyonce song sounded from inside the bag which is owned lisna telephon mobile ringtones ella
Lisna: what ….! why is there inside my bag?
Edwin: that’s exactly what I say if you are stealing …
Lisna: not me who stole el.!
Edwin stood up and said
Happy birthday to you
Ozi jointed happy birthday to you
Connected again by ella happy birthday to you
Together: happy birthday happy birthday to you
Lisna: (shocked …. she said) thank you for the surprise, this really will not be forgotten ..s


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